Introduction: Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Easy to make,soda bottle bird feeder.
you save their world by reusing plastics,they help yours by controlling pests in your garden

Step 1:

You will need 1 2l soda bottle
some pvc conduit
a delfstick or a small branch
some wild bird seed
pvc weld glue or gluegun
a metal spike that fits inside the pvc conduit
basic cutting tools
and a drill.

As always work with safety in mind

Step 2:

First thing to do is to cut a piece of the conduit that is the width of the soda bottle.
drill 3 x 8mm holes in the small piece of pvc
Next make two holes on either side of the soda bottle and push the pvc through
with the 8mm holes facing up.
affix the pvc to the bottle with pvc weld or glue gun.

Step 3: Step3

Next you need to make a hole in the bottom of the bottle for the longer pvc conduit.this will act as a pole for the feeder.
You will also add the delfstick/branch below the smaller pvc.This allows the birds to sit and eat the seeds the fall through.
Use the metal spike and make a hole in the lawn where you would like to have your feeder and place the pole in the hole.
fill your feeder with birdseed and wait.It could take a week for them to become accustomed to it,but after that its a case of opening the top and filling the feeder.

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