Sodium Hydroxide Test

Introduction: Sodium Hydroxide Test

This Instructable shows how to determine whether or not your liquid is Sodium Hydroxide.


Materials: Liquid, a beaker, some aluminum foil, and litmus paper.

Step 1: Instructions

Step 1.

Pour some of your liquid into a beaker.

Step 2.

Drop in the ball of tin foil.

Step 3.

Watch the liquid. If it bubbles you might have sodium hydroxide. If there is no reaction, you do not.

Step 4.

Clean the beaker.

Step 5.

Pour some of your liquid into the beaker.

Step 6.

Dip your litmus paper into the liquid.

Step 7.

When you look at the litmus paper, if its a dark blue, purplish color, you have sodium hydroxide.

Congrats! You have just determined whether or not your liquid is sodium hydroxide.

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    Tip 2 years ago

    you can also dip your hand in it, if it's very soapy, it's sodium hydroxide. i'd personaly advoid this method since dipping you fingers in a mystery substance is very bad to do.