Introduction: Soft Carabiner

Use this as you would a light weight carabiner to hang or organize items.

The carabiner is opened and closed by pushing the button through the buttonhole.

You will need a small diameter dowel or a pencil.

Step 1: Tying the Buttonhole

At the spot where you want to make the buttonhole middle your cord and bring the lower cord around the upper cord.

Step 2:

Bring A down around B and through bight a.

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 and tighten

For a step by step description of tying the buttonhole see:

Step 4: Tying the Button

This is ABOK 792.

Tie an overhand knot at the spot where you want to position the button.

Step 5:

Bring A over two strands.

Step 6:

Bring B over A, under two strands and up through bight a

Step 7:

Put a dowel or pencil through the middle of the overhand knots.

Step 8:

Bring B up to the right and through bight b

Step 9:

Bring B down to point x.

Step 10:

Bring A under everything and up through bight a.

Step 11:

Bring A down to the right going under b.

Step 12:

Take either end and bring it through the center of the knot next to the dowel.

Step 13:

Bring the other end through the middle of the knot in the same manner.

Step 14:

Remove the dowel. Grab the loop close to the knot and pull hard on the two strands.

That will set the position of the button.

Step 15:

As you are tightening you will notice that he button resembles the lanyard/diamond knot but as each strand goes over two strands it is more secure.

Step 16:

Once the button is complete trim the ends.