Introduction: Soil Moisture Sensor With Watering Warning

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We are creating a device that measures soil moisture, based on a WEMOS D1 mini and a Capacitive Soil Moisture sensor.

With cloud integration the measurement of the sensor sent to the IoT Guru Cloud, where we get fancy graphs and we can set a warning that we need to watering the plant.


WEMOS D1 mini

Capacitive Soil Moisture sensor

Step 1: Connection of the Hardware

The Capacivite Soil Moisture sensor has three pin:

  1. Ground
  2. Vcc
  3. Analog output

You can connect this pins to the WEMOS D1 mini in same order:

  1. D5
  2. D0
  3. A0

Step 2: Arduino Source Code

The source code is contains an IoT Guru Cloud integration, you can check out our Tutorials about the integration. You will need:

  • userShortId

  • deviceShortId

  • deviceKey

  • nodeShortId

  • fieldName
The code will send an analog measurement in every one minute.

Step 3: Check the Graph in Your Account

If your device can connect and can send data, you will be see something like this:

Step 4: Watering Warning

You can set range alert and the IoT Guru Cloud will be alert you whenever the measurement is less than the minimum or greater than the maximum.