Introduction: Soil Sieve Sifter Machine

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I wanted a really easy way of sifting soil for my vegetable patch. I already owned a Belle electric mixer which you can pickup very cheaply. I also purchased another barrel which I cut about to make my sieve.

You Will Need

  1. Belle Mixer Barrel
  2. Wire Mesh
  3. Wire Cutters
  4. Angle Grinder
  5. Cutting Disks X5
  6. M10 Nuts Bolts & Washers. Around 15 required.
  7. 2x 17MM Spanners
  8. Paint

Step 1: Remove the Barrel

I removed the barrel of the mixer by sharply rotating the barrell harshly to the left. The will undo the barrell and you will be left with the thread from the motor. See the video,

Step 2: Mark Out the Barrel.

Mark out the barrel where you want to cut out for the wire mesh.

Step 3: Start Cutting

Using an angle grinder with a cutting disc cut out the holes. Make sure you wear ear & eye protection as being a drum its very LOUD !!.

Step 4: Finish Off Cutting

There's a lot of cutting to do so make sure you give your angle grinder a rest and don't over heat it.

Step 5: Bolt in the Mesh

Cut out your wire mesh and bolt into position. I used M10 bolts with large washers. The bolts were rather long but was very handy has they never fell out when adjusting the wire mesh.

Step 6: Finishing Off

Tighten all the bolts cut the bolts down and cut of any sharp edges and paint to your desired colour.

Step 7: Time to Play !!

Screw the barrel back on the mixer and put on the stand and you're ready to play!

I managed to sift through a few ton of soil in a few hrs. This machine has saved my hundreds of pounds. I hope yours will too!"

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