Introduction: (11) Solar Adaptation for Radio (Pluggables)

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This on going project is a part of my 'Pluggables' series and must be linked to past projects where it will be used.

I see many solar projects that tell how to build the solar panel system and even some show how to hard wire appliances to it.
I like to be able to plug/unplug the things I use so they can be put away after use.

Remember Mom always says to put your toys away?

So far I have 3 LED Flood Lamps adapted for use with the power panel to light my home when HECO, the electric company, craps out and the neighborhood goes dark.

Everything used on the Power Panel will be 12 volts or less and be able to "Plug It In, Plug It In".

This Instructable will cover how to adapt an AM/FM radio to 'Plug Into' the solar power system.

Step 1: The Adaptation

First go pick out which AC/Battery powered Radio you want to use.
I got the Sony ICF-38 AM/FM 2 band radio as my victim.

The radio uses 4 'AA' batteries and lasts a long time on battery power.
The radio operates on 6 Volts.
Not a problem for a 12V, 200Ah Trojan.

Step 2: Other Parts Is Parts

1 Dual Banana Plug
18 Guage 2 conductor Speaker Wire
2 'AA Size Dummy Batteries (RadioShack RSU 10585909)
2 Alligator Clips (Red and Black)

Step 3: The Battery Cord

I'm going to assume that you already know how to solder Clips, Wire and Plug.

I used 3 feet of wire to make up this cable.

Step 4: Cable the Radio

Not much to be said here.
Just follow the comments on the pictures.

Step 5: Closing Up

Route the wire and close the door.

Now go plug it in.

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