Introduction: Solar Address Number Light. 1 Dollar 5 Minute Hack

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Hello fellow builders!

I wanted to share a quick 1 dollar and 5 minute hack with you. I needed a address plate light so the pizza and the rideshares can find my house. At the dollar store i found a 3 L.E.D. solar pathway light that would be perfect for the job.

The solar light shuts off in the day when it is charging and turns on at night when needed. Truly an amazing thing to buy for a dollar. All i need to do is mount the light to a board and screw it to the wall.

Step 1: Tools and Parts.

This is a cleverly simple task requiring very little skill.

The only tools you need are a drill to make a hole in a piece of scrap wood and a screwdriver to mount it.

Scrap piece of wood. I used a 1x2x4in scrap i had in the shop.
2 wood screws. (can use double sided tape or another adhesive/fastener)
Black paint.
Dollar store 3 LED solar pathway light.
Super glue.

Step 2: The Build.

Remove the plastic tube off the pathway light and use it to trace a hole in the scrap board. Drill the hole to that size and add some pilot holes to the board to mount it to the wall later. Make sure you angle the pilot holes so you can run the screws in when the light is attached.

Step 3: Test and Build Video

For a dollar it seems to work pretty good. Should work well with the reflective paint on the address plate and make my address numbers visible at night.

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