Introduction: Solar Alarm Clock

This is a simple circuit that uses two solar panels to power a small toy motor. I placed the motor inside my bike bell so that it would ring every time direct sunlight would hit the panels.

This will be part of a performance/ video documentation, in which I will map out my dreams on my room's coffee table, right under the window. I will place the clock in different spots on the table, circle it, and write down the a description of the dream and also the time it took place. The idea is to find out if there's a pattern and relationship between the time of the morning I wake up and the kind of dream I have.

Step 1: :: Constructing the Circuit

Just follow the diagram below to construct your circuit. You will need the following components:

- (2) 2N3906 transistors
- (1) 2N3904 transistor
- (1) 2N 2222 transistor
- (1) 1381S integrated circuit
- (1) 3300 uF 2.5V capacitor *
- (1) circuit board
- (1) 100 kOM resistor
- (1) 1000 kOM resistor
- (1) 0.5w Series Glass-sealed Zener Diode
- (1) small motor
- (2) two small solar panels

  • Depending on the amount of capacitors you use, the length of the "ring" and its frequency will change (the more capacitors, the longer the "ring", the slower the frequency).

Step 2: :: Designing the Encasing

I created this encasing from an existing cardboard box that had tabs on its longer side. Any type of design can work, just make sure the slit for the motor and the bell will motor is securely held under the bell and that its close to the wall.
You can also use any kind of bell; my bike bell created a purring, soft sound.

Step 3: :: Add It All Together!

So once you put it all together, you just need to make sure that the bell is very close to the wall of the bell.
That's all!