Introduction: Solar and Wind Energy Facility

We knew that the environmental aspect ro this project was key, and at first we struggled to decide on a "green" idea. Ultimately, we would combine factora of environmental designs to create a hybrid clean energy source. Our Solar and Wind Collecting Facility came from the combinatiin of solar panels and the modern wind turbine. The power from this facility can be comercialized and sold to nearby communities for electricity and water heating.

Step 1: Why Is This Green?

Uses little energy to run
Uses no fossil fuels
Creates sustainable energy

Step 2: Specifications

Turbine Height:80m OR 262ft
Turbine Wing length:37m OR 121ft
3 Turbine Wings

Step 3: Wind Turbine

Energy produced by 1 windmill per hour 2000 kilo watts
Cost for one windmill $2 Million

Step 4: Solar Panels

Energy produced by 1ft2 of solar panel 200 watts of energy
Cost for 1ft2 of solar panel $95 per ft2
Total Surface Area of Solar Panels 45m per blade time 3= 135m2
Total Energy produced by all 3 Solar Panels per hour 27 kilwatts times 3= 81 kilowatts
Total Cost of Solar Panels $12825

Step 5: Heating Water

From 55 to 125
Averagee water heater 50gal
Average water heater size 6.65 ft
Energy used to heat 1gal of water 0.1342 kWh
Gal of Water used monthly 3,000gal for a 4-Person Home
Average cost for water heating by a home $25.62
Average energy needed for water heating by a home 512.4 kWh

Step 6: Income

Total Cost of Machine $2,012,825
2,924 homes served
Electricity cost 5 cents per kilo watt
Total income per month $74,913
Income per Year $898,954
Years until breakeven 2.25

Step 7: Sources

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