Introduction: Solar Backup for HP Mini

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This is a solar charged battery backup for My HP mini 1032NR. The solar panel is quite small so charging is less than fast, I have not tested it yet but I assume it will take in the neighborhood of a week or so. It's all OK, the entire thing cost less than $50. For a comparable manufactured product you will be spending well over $300.00 according to my research. A quick note on the Life PO4 batteries "wally world" has them in a pack of 4 for $10.00 you will need 2 packs. They can be quite fickle so be careful with your connections. Nobody wants these things to start a fire. If you like this instructable let me know via comment I wiil post some more of my gadgets. For gods sake use a miltimeter and know the voltage of your pc. This project can be applied to any laptop not to mention a large assortment of portable devices IF YOU KNOW THY VOLTAGE!

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together

You will need:

1 set solar Christmas lights (a solar garden light will work too)
Shrink Tube
Battery Holder(s) equal to 6 AA size
Project Box
Multi Meter
Male adapter (Size of laptop power input)
Male adapter (your choice)
Female adapter (matching your choice male)
Hot Glue!!!

Step 2: Open Your Solar Panel

I used the xmas lights because all the little stuff was there I didn't need to worry about crap like resistors or diodes. You can use any solar cell just know what you are doing Life PO4's are nasty little things when they start a fire. Open the back remove the battery. Drill hole for power cord. Run your cord and knot the end. Use a soldering iron to disconnect the wires to the battery terminals. Now solder the terminal wires to the power cord. Take your male plug and solder to the other end of the power cord. Seal it all up and your set. Keep your + and - straight it's important stuff.

Step 3: Battery Box

Remove the lid to your battery box and glue the battery holder to the lid. I used "Monkey Glue" and then hot glued it to make things go a little quicker. Who has 24 hours to wait for "monkey glue" to set. Cut yor holes for cords, switches, etc.. Pay close attention to your + and - with the female adapter and connect it to the battery cords. My battery packs came with a concealed - wire on the bottom do a check for it if you miss it you risk frying yourself and your batteries. Add a 6" + wire and a 6"- wire to your battery pack. Hot glue the bateries in place, now your lid is done.

Step 4: Prep Your Power Box

Cut your holes for the switch, power cord, and DC input. Add switch, power cord, and DC input

Step 5: Wiring Diagram

Self explanitory. I am no pro but you can figure it out easy nuff.

Step 6: Review Connections and Test With Multi Meter

Check your voltage one last time. Check all connections. Test switch. Test charge. Seal 'er up your done enjoy!

Step 7: Additional Notes

The plug for this was the most difficult item to find I had to get one from a universal adapter and mod it. Thank you HP you can never trust them to make your life easy. See the pic for example cut the lip off the base of the plug you will be good to go. A note on batteries the ones from "wally world" do not work too well I would recommend going to battery wherehouse they will run you about 10 bucks a battery but are well worth it.