Introduction: Solar Charging Back Case Cover for Smartphones Under 4$

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+First Of All , This Instructables had been written By a 16 years old guy...... Not An English Professor , So Please Inform any grammatical Mistake Before Making Fun Of me. :p

+And Please do not imitate any of the logo seen in the pictures Most Of them have Copyrights or at least feelings attached with their respective owners

+Any Of The improvements will be appreciated, either in this instructable or in the machine

+I am not responsible For any Of the damaged Caused to your phone or any device because of any cross-wiring and any errors in the circuit by you. So do this thing on your own risk .

+ If available , laminate the solar cell and circuit with the cover tight. to hold everything up nicely.



A Hassle free, compact and highly portable solar charger backuppack (I mean backup back pack here =D ) for your phone , remember that last moment in your life, when you forgot your charger(And said "NeverMind" =D , ok jokes apart.) and your friends planned an unexpected trip to a great place, you can't take pictures can't listen to music or can't even play that pokemon go just because the battery level is just 5 % . (I know that struggle buddy. =(. ). but from now you can do whatever you want listen to just every single track on your phone catch the every damn pikachus (Those short cute yellow ones.) without the hassle of taking that battery pack with your phone (during day time only =D). it sticks to your phone all the time so you don't have to manage that extra kid.

Just put your phone's back facing up(Or the sun's side) and let the magic happen.

And it's only under 4 (Actually it's 3.64 but it doesn't sounds great .)

Isn't That great ?

So let's Head towards the bill of materials.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

1. A Hard-Soft Case of Your phone maybe old , or maybe those china ones for a cheap alternative.

2. A minimum 3W mini solar panel (Not larger than your phone's cover).

3. A LS7805 (5V Voltage regulator.)

4. Diode 1N4001 or 1N4007.

5. A Smd LED(opt)

6 . 10K Resistor(SMD if available.)

7. Automotive Epoxy or SuperGlue.

8.2 X 10uF Capacitor(SMD if available)

9. Lamination Paper (opt)

10. WIres (thin copper wires can also be used.)

11. An old Data cable (Compatible with your phone , we'll be using Micro USB in this instructable)

// OPT Stands for Optional i.e. are add onns

Step 2: The Circuit.

Assemble and make the circuit as in the picture. be careful to not to switch any of the wires.

Led can be installed with a resistor on the power jack , you can skip that for a 10mA boost.

And the charging speed of your phone depends on a lot of factors. like intensity of sunlight, and power of solar panels, types of diodes, Phone's charging IC's capabilities .etc.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Assemble everything by glue or epoxy, laminate if you want , and show off. your charger.

Step 4: Updates (As Always :D)


***As brother Argha Said (Thanks A lot Brother.) in the comments section (And I forgot to mention.) Glue everything Up.

*** Added a comment in circuit Section


Thanks For Your Support Team Instructables and everyone on community.

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