Introduction: Solar Eclipse Viewer

Most solar eclipse viewers are made so that you do not have to stare at the sun. While well intentions are good I find that boring. So here you go. Please follow all warnings and be safe.

Step 1: Why Do This?

I often disliked most solar viewers because I don't like looking at an image I would rather be able to look up and see a solar eclipse in real time in the sky. So a quick WARNING. Staring at the sun is stupid even with this, however if you are like me and don't care knock yourself out.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

What you will need is:
Duct tape. Scissors. Medium size snack cracker boxes Glass filter plates that are typically used for welding helmets. Optional would be the sticky back shelf and drawer liner that is available at some dollar stores

Step 3: Cut Your Box

You will now need to cut the box to fit your face it pretty much comes down to a spot for your nose on the bottom and a curve at top for your forehead. There is not a lot of pictures for this step as it is self explanatory. Once you have these parts cut we move to the "window".

Step 4: Make Your Viewing Window

Next remove the glass from the package and cut a opening in the opposite end of the box this hole should obviously be smaller than the glass piece and not allow ANY light to pass in other than through the glass. Once cut out line up the glass inside the box over the the hole and cut the duct tape to seal the glass inside the box staying only around the edges of the glass piece. This will also help block any unwanted light coming in around the glass.

Step 5: Enjoy

Obviously the wood sticker paper is only to make the box more attractive it is not important and you could just cover the box in duct tape. It's up to you. At any rate you now have your very own real solar eclipse viewer it is much cooler to watch one in the sky real time than a shadow on a paper. Just remember to take breaks in between viewing and make sure NO OTHER light gets in except through the viewing glass.