Introduction: Solar Engine



Materials:470k 2 resister

100k 2 resister

1 LED light

1 capacitor

1 motor

3.3k resister

2 npn transistor

1 pnp transistor

2 diode

circuit board

solar panel.

Tools:soldering gun,wire,wire cutter,soldering wire

Step 1: Fix the Components

Take the circuit board and fix the 470k2 resister and fix the 3.3k resister,fix the 2 pnp transistor,one npn transistor,one LED light,one motor,fix the 100k resister & fix the 2 diode and fix one capacitor to the circuit board.

Step 2: Solder the Components

first take the circuit board and fix the 470k 2 resister and put the
3.3k resister to the 470k resister and then take the one pnp transistor soldering to the 470k resister and take one capacitor and soldering to the pnp transistor and take the one 100k resister to soldering the pnp transistor to fix the led light to the circuit board as shown in the image.

Step 3: Connect the Motor

Connect the motor to the circuit board and connect the wires motor to circuit board.

Step 4: Connet to the Sola Panel

Connect the components to the solar panel with the data cable.