Introduction: Solar Led Flashlight

This tutorial will show how to turn an old rechargeable flash light with a filament bulb into a solar charged led flash light. This will be a quick and simple project and experience is not needed, this light will last 10 times as long as the original filament bulb and won't get as hot. Instead it will get a little warm and this light can be charged off of a wall adapter as well.

Step 1: Parts

Old rechargeable flash light
Led lights
Nut and bolt
Solar panel
New 6volt battery (sealed lead acid)
Electrical tape

Step 2: Tools

Wire striper
Soldering iron
Screw drivers

Step 3: Replacing Battery

Since this flash light wasn't used a lot and sat for a long time on the shelf the battery had lost most of its capacity. I had this new 6volt cell lying around, but you can pick a new one up for about $6-7. To replace the battery you have to simply remove four screws and remove the bracket, and lift the battery out. Once it is out you can slowly lower in the new battery and replace the bracket, screws and wires in the same way (red is positive and black is negative).

Step 4: Connecting the Led

Locate the to output wires, join them to the two wires on the led. Use a multimeter to check the polarity on the out put of the flash light (for me yellow was positive and black was negative). Solder the wires together and your light is nearly there.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Assemble the light and charge it if it is not charged. The advantage of this light is that it can run for about 8 hours continuous and charges off solar or wall adapter, and is ideal for camping or out doors. Luckily the female plug of the flashlight and the male plug of the solar panel matched up.

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