Solar Light Jar

Introduction: Solar Light Jar

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We love Solar lights, but the ones you can buy from the internet dont last, the connections rust and fall apart and they never last as long as you expect.

I have found that the ones that come with led's bonded to copper lacquered wire are much more weather proof than most, however as the wire is very fine it is easy to break, or cut through when gardening (thank you to my wife for showing me how easy this is to do...)

In the end I decided the best solution seems to be place the lights into a glass jar and mount the solar panel on top, nice and weather proof (and also secateur proof)

This is a simple guide with 3d printed housing to make it all fit together nice and neat

Step 1: Shopping List

What you will need

1) Solar lights, I have found these type the most reliable, this link is for one I know works but I know you can get many others from a variety of different suppliers, this is just an example (but also the ones that fit the 3d printed part shown later)

2) Glass jar, again these can be a variety of shapes and sizes from various suppliers, but I have found these work well

3) 3d printed housing, this fits the parts above, it would need to be changed if you use different parts

4) Centre punch and hammer

5) Silicon sealant

Step 2: Start to Build

Now you have your parts, this is how you start to build your lamp

unwind the LED lights from the cardboard and lay them out in a strait...ish line if possible

Step 3: Pierce the Lid of Your Jar

With the Jar i have the lid comes apart, which makes this next step easier

take the lid and place it over the gap between two tables, or a vice if you have it, using a centre punch make a hole in the lid of the jar, once you have done this turn it over and tap the edges of the hole flat with a hammer , so that is has less chance of abrading the cable

Step 4: Feed the Lights Through Your Hole

take the lid and place it in the round end of the 3d Printed part

feed the loose end of the led string through both the lid and the 3d printed part, including the plastic coated wire near the solar power end of the string, you will have to remove the wire tag to do this

Once this is through the Solar power unit should fit snug into the square side of the 3d printed part

Step 5: Fit the Lights Into the Jar

coil up the plastic part of the wire and re-secure them with the wire tag

scrunch all the copper wire lights up and push them into the jar, screw the lid on the jar, and test that the system is working by placing you hand over the jar to simulate darkness

If this does not work it may be because the lights are turned off, there are two buttons on the base of the solar power unit, one for on/off and one for flash/steady light

Step 6: Seal the Jar

!!! Before you do this, be sure your lamp is turned on and working !!!

run some sealant around the rim of the jar lid, place the 3d printed part on to this, then run a wet finger round the base to smooth the sealant in place round the join of these two parts

It sometimes works best with a finger wetted in a mix of washing up liquid and water, and any excess can be wiped off onto a piece of kitchen towel

once in place run some sealant around the square edge of the joint between the solar unit and the 3d printed part, again running a wet finger round to smooth this off

Step 7: Enjoy ..!!

Once the sealant is dry it is ready for use outdoors... Enjoy

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    What a fun star jar! I love it!