Introduction: Solar Minty Boost Amp/Battery Booster

I thought this would make a really cool project because its a device i would and do use daily. where i work i cant really listen to headphones but this small amp booster is the perfect little media device to play what i choose through my mobile devices app list. i messed up on the first board i pulled out. its ok though i have a seven dollar template now. the idea is that the solar panels will constantly provide a trickle charge to the battery packs. the amp and speaker provide me my music at a level i can hear at my station without obstructing my hearing and without causing a disturbance to others. and when i battery gets low on my mobile device i plug my phones cable to the USB port on the side and re charge my phones battery. this project will recharge consistantly providing theres enough light to create current. remember the brighter the light the faster the charge. i would estimate it replaces the amount of power i drain from it consistantly. and a full days charge when im off helps too.

Step 1: Prepping the Tin.

poke holes with a punch in whatever fasion you like. it allows the sound to escape the box.

Step 2: Salvaging Amp Driver Parts.

These little Bomb themed speakers are really cool for what they are. cheap too. walmart aisle six register $7.

Step 3: Not Really a Step But...

i messed up on the first board i pulled out. its ok though i have a seven dollar template now.

Step 4: Salvaging the Solar Panels.

these rechargeable solar LED lawn spikes are around Four dollars apiece. the panels trickle charge a AA rechargeable 1.2v 350 mAh battery. salvaging through a set of five or six i discovered the batteries were of varying mAh. i combined three of them for a whopping 1750 mAh. one was an 800 one a 600 and a 350. if i had three 800 that would be a massive 2400mAh!!!. energizer rechargeables are probably the strongest at around 1200mAh apiece. 3600mAh and now were talkin!!!!!

Step 5: Crafting the Battery Pack

three 1700mAh Duracell make an impressive 3.6v 5200mAh rechargeable battery pack. bridging the sprecific conections and soldering leads makes this very practical.

Step 6: Mounting the Amp Card, Battery and Speaker

poke two starter holes in the tin using a template for a guide. mount the battery using a little cyanoacrylate. (superglue) these tiny subwoofers are actually a nicely built speaker. good clarity and sound depending on the enclosure. mount the driver card by breaking off the little pieces on the bomb they are handy little nuts to tighten the screws to the driver card.

Step 7: Mounting Solar Panels

using super glue i have placed the leads from each panel through the holes in the tin. i have glued a dollop of glue to stabilize and bolster the leads to prevent breakage and wear. a thin piece of polycarbonate from a retro cassette tape case provides the protective shield to safeguard the glass panels. all in all the panels are a fairly thick glass so it should be more than adequate

Step 8: Connections and Wiring

the panels connect to the rechargeable battery leads provide a trickle charge to the battery pack. the battery pack is connected to the Fem. USB ext. plug. this serves as our data cable port to emergency charge a cell phone. depending on your phones mAh and voltage requirements will determin how long it takes to recharge the battery packs. the 5.7 pack is soldered to the connections of the driver card. panels charge main battery pack and conect to the charger connections on the driver card to trickle charge both packs.