Introduction: Solar Monitoring System Board

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Solar monitoring system measures voltage, current and power from panel, and from two outputs and voltage on battery.

This board measure input voltage, current and power from two sources. Board have two outputs. Each have voltage, current and power measuring. Voltage, current and power measure with INA219 board from Adafruit. Input from solar panel is completely isolated from ESP8266 and 5V. Every inputs and outputs have 3A fuse. I measure temperature and humudity inside box with AM2301 and measure heating temperature with termocoupler and MAX6675. I2C bus is connected via level shift converter to ESP board.

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Step 1: Step 1: Hardware Components

Adafruit INA219 3pcs

NodeMCU ESP8266 Board 1pcs

Watch Dog Timer 1pcs

Max6675 with termocoupler 1pcs

AM2301 Temperature and Humidity sensor 1pcs

AM1D-0505SZ Isolated DC/DC converter 1pcs

ADUM1250ARZ - I2C digital isolator 1pcs

Terminal Block 2p 11pcs

1A Fuse with socket 1pcs

3A Fuse with socket 4pcs

Step-down converter 12V/5V 1pcs

Logic level converter (Bi-directional) 1pcs

Schottky diode 2pcs

Jumper wires

Computer with Arduino IDE

Raspberry Pi with MQTT borker and Node-Red

Soldering iron with solder

Step 2: Step 2: Wiring and Schematics



AM2301(DHT) - GPIO2

WatchDog IN -GPIO15

WatchDog OUT - RST

MAX 6675 SCK - GPIO14

MAX 6675 CS - GPIO12

MAX 6675 SO - GPIO13

Step 3: Step 3: Description of PCB

On the top is a solar charge controller connected to the measuring board.

From bottom left - Two inputs terminal, battery terminal, two outputs terminal, NodeMCU with level shift cenverter, MAX6675 board. On top right is WatchDOG timer.

Step 4: Step 4: Code

Step 5: Step 5: Node Red

Foto from Node Red Dashboard.