Introduction: Solar Panel

I will put a video here to capture my research and presentation on Solar panel usage in Saudi Arabia.

Step 1: Problem

We are highly dependent on oil which is slowly diminishing, so we need as people to find another way to get electricity like Solar Panels. Solar Panels initially have been expensive and slowly are becoming more available to customers. So is solar panels an available cheap commercial option?

Step 2: Hypothiesis

Since Oil is diminishing we will need to provide a new way for providing energy, like Solar Panels which is the topic of this research. The research will show the positive and negatives of Solar Panel usage.

Step 3: Variables

There are many variables for this problem including Solar panel initial price, cleaning and maintains cost and electricity cost..

Step 4: Background Research

I will use many websites to obtain information that support my research like

Step 5: Materials

Graphs and research already available online and will be used to support research and conclusion. the materials of construction will also be shared.

Step 6: Procedure

Obtain information on the cost of solar panels over the years, cost of electricity over the years, world dependence on oil over the years, and make analysis and conclusion to provide recommendation.

Step 7: Data

We need to gather information in the form of graphs to make reasonable conclusion on the usage of Solar Panel versus conventional electricity.

Step 8: Data Analysis

Step 9:

Step 10: Results

We will show the results of our research in preparation of recommendations and conclusion.

Step 11: Conclusion

In the conclusion we will demonstrate whether Solar Power at this time can be a good substitute to convention power generation and give recommendations.

Step 12: Appllcation

If Solar panels proves to be economical solution, many people will install Solar panels in their homes.

Step 13: Evaluation

In this section we will show you how we applied the research skill on our project, we researched about the solar panels and the population growth, oil usage, Solar power efficiency and the price of electricity over the years.