Introduction: Solar Panel Phone Charger

This solar panel phone charger is a portable and rechargeable device that will charge any of your electronic appliances. The energy is provided not only by the battery pack, but also by a solar panel that will provide extra juice and can be used whenever you may find yourself in direct sunlight. The charger is a fun and clean source of energy for your phone and can be built for under 25$ and in an hour or less.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this charger you will need two wires of any type, two 1.2V AA batteries (preferably rechargeable), a 2 x 1.5V AA battery pack, a mini DC 3V to 5V 2A USB output step-up charging module battery converter, and a 3V 120mA 60x55x3mm micro mini power solar cell. Additional equipment includes solder and a soldering iron along with a preferable workspace and whatever safety equipment may be required.

Step 2: Put Batteries in Battery Pack

This step is self explanatory, but optimally, you should insert the batteries after checking their functionality.

Step 3: Solder Wires to Solar Panel

Next, you will want to solder your wires to the positive and negative outputs on the back of the solar panel. As always, make sure your wires are stripped.

Step 4: Solder Solar Panel Output Wires to Battery Pack Output Wires

Solder the red (positive) wire from the battery pack to the corresponding positive wire on the solar panel, and the black (negative) wire to the corresponding negative wire on the solar panel.

Step 5: Solder Battery Pack/solar Panel Output Wires to DC to USB Converter

Find the positive and negative input ports on the DC to USB converter, solder the positive wires to the positive input, and finally solder the negative wires to the negative input. Just like that, you are done! Now plug in a USB cord and your phone and watch as sunlight powers your device. *Note* When turned on, your newly made charging device should emit a red light from the LED on the DC to USB power converter.