Introduction: Solar Panel Toy Car

This is a solar panel toy car who has many benefits instead of using batteries you could use clean energy and have lots of fun.



Solar Panel

2x Pair of Wheels


Motor / 3 Volts / Local Electronic Store

Wooden Base

Front Dry Ice (Piece)

Scotch Tape

Glue / Silicon

Step 1: Step #1

First Step is to attach the motor and the Stick

Step 2: Step #2

Next we attach the wheels to the motor -

It's a very easy process you just attach them with Glue/ Silicon or if it Just fits Its Better.

Step 3: Step #3

Since we need a front wheel i have decided to add a piece of Dry Ice and just add silicon to it into the piece of wood. Finally i just added a post it note for it to slide.

Step 4: Step #4

Since we need to connect the Stick that controls the motor to the base we tape it and that makes the Base and the motor attached.

Step 5: Step #5

Since we need the energy to power up the car we put the solar panel and connect the energy to the motor.

We connect the negative and positive cables into the motor inputs it should not be that hard connecting the cables because the solar panel needs to come with those cables.

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