Introduction: Solar Powered Electrolysis

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In this instructable I will explain how to turn water into a flammable gas which is 
h2o2.  I have been interested in hydroelectric cars ever since the science kits have  started coming out. Even though I don't have PEM cells I wanted to use some of the    science that I had learned for my science project. The process is simplistic: take a  12v rated mini solar panel and connect it to two electrodes that are submerged in     saltwater. The current is the juice and the voltage is the pressure. When you turn thecircuit is switched on 

Step 1: Needy Little Hobbitses!

This is what you will need for your experiment:<br>
1. 12v or more rated solar panel.
2. Spring water.
3. Salt.
4. Multimeter.
5. Test tube or empty water bottle.
6. Wire(You must find out how much you will need).
7. Electrodes(You can use copper wire or stainless steel but it will corrode quickly).
8. Bright Sunlight(If you never get this stuff you will fail miserably).
9. Resources such as <a href="" rel="nofollow" style="font-family: Arial , Helvetica , Verdana , Tahoma , sans-serif;font-size: 15.0px;white-space: normal;">Harbor Freight Tools</a> and stuff around your house.

Step 2: The Stuff That Keeps Us Together

Super glue can be add safely to gorilla glue, however you need to research this because I take no responsibility for any damage and/or injuries sustained because during this instructable whatsoever. Directions: put the gorilla glue on first, after that add on the super glue. Quickly press the two object you are trying to glue together. Keep them that way for a full minute. If the glue takes a long time to harden add the super glue, is  has a built in catalyst that makes it harden quickly.

Step 3: Prepare for the Worst! Hope for the Best!

Now it is time for you to glue the electrode to the water container. Note: the reason why you need super glue and gorilla glue is because it will be underwater. Now, wipe the surfaces clean and then put a little gorilla glue onto the container in respect or regard to the shape of the electrode. Use the electrode to stop the gorilla glue from running downward too much. After that put a little super glue on the electrode. Then. put the electrode on the container. Now wait a few moments then add a little more     super glue. Wait approx. one minute ten seconds. Now let it sit for three to six hours.

Step 4: It's All About Your Connections..............

Take your solar panel wire and connect it to the electrode. Put the test tube or other container for the gas onto the electrodes.

Step 5: Sunlight, Baby! Yeah!

Turn the sunlight on, however you normally do it. I usually use time to lift it's sleepy head up from the horizon. Turn the circuit on after you have connected the solar panel.

Step 6: What You See Is What You Get.......

This is the same vid as before and the other image is a blueprint of how to turn      saltwater into h2o2 and I hope you enjoy this instructable. For more on electricity go to this cool instructable about electromagnets! I guarantee that if you go and look at this instructable you will understand, no overstand electromagnets! Don't forget to follow me!

Step 7:

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