Introduction: Solar Powered Phone Charging Station

A discharged phone is a common first world problems. Luckily, with this circuit you can use the power of the sun to power your phone. This tutorial is ONLY for the circuit side. Any actual containment of the system must be acquired elsewhere

Step 1: Materials

1. Solar Panel (The one in the image is 21.0V)


3. Solar Fuse

4. Solar controller

5. 12 V Battery

6. Clip to Car Charger port

7. Charger Port-based USB block

Step 2: 2. Solar Panel Setup

The panel creates a large amount of power. So a fuse is a required safeguard.

1. One side of the fuse must be soldered to the + (Red) end of the panel's output. It is also recommended to solder an extension to the - (Black) for ease of use).

2. Using a wire stripper, strip the ends of the - and other fuse wire, use a screwdriver to unscrew the wire clips in the picture above, and place the exposed ends into the controller as shown, and screw the appropriate clips until the wires cannot be removed

Step 3: 3. Connecting the Controller to a Power Source

1. Use a wire stripper to expose the ends of a + and - wire. (In the project, the wires were pin to alligator clip)

2. Follow the same steps as Part 2 of Step 2 to secure the ends of the power wires into the controllers into the middle two wire clips.

3. If done correctly, the Controller should power up and give a display of the battery's voltage and should show an icon indicating the panel is charging the battery.

Step 4: 4. USB Power

1. Connect the JellyComb charger block as shown

2.Clamp the clip-ends directly into the battery

3. A blue Light should appear signaling a viable power source