Introduction: Solar Powered Sausage Cooker

Easy build for a solar powered cooker.

Step 1:

Take a Pringles can and puncture the middle of the lid with a skewer. 

Step 2:

Cover the inside of the Pringles can with tin foil. Glue the tin foil to the inside of the can.

Step 3:

Cut a openable window in the Pringles can so sunlight may penetrate the can. Cover the window with plastic wrap so heat does not escape the can. 

Step 4:

Tape the plastic wrap down over the window with electrical tape or any black tape of your choice. You will eventually want to cover the whole can with the tape so the cooker can absorb as much heat as it can. 

Step 5:

(Optional) puncture the side of the can with a skewer to make a support for the other skewer. 

Step 6:

Breakfast Sausages. Before the placing the cooker and the sausages in the sun. 

Step 7:

After about 30 minutes it looks like they're done!

Step 8:

Cooked sausages