Solar Powered Sausage Cooker




Introduction: Solar Powered Sausage Cooker

Easy build for a solar powered cooker.

Step 1:

Take a Pringles can and puncture the middle of the lid with a skewer. 

Step 2:

Cover the inside of the Pringles can with tin foil. Glue the tin foil to the inside of the can.

Step 3:

Cut a openable window in the Pringles can so sunlight may penetrate the can. Cover the window with plastic wrap so heat does not escape the can. 

Step 4:

Tape the plastic wrap down over the window with electrical tape or any black tape of your choice. You will eventually want to cover the whole can with the tape so the cooker can absorb as much heat as it can. 

Step 5:

(Optional) puncture the side of the can with a skewer to make a support for the other skewer. 

Step 6:

Breakfast Sausages. Before the placing the cooker and the sausages in the sun. 

Step 7:

After about 30 minutes it looks like they're done!

Step 8:

Cooked sausages

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    9 years ago

    No 140 is way to low. Slow cooker even on low will boil even if just around the edge. Slow cooker is misleading as the temp is high, slow cooker means longer cooking times not low temps. Even when you "cold" smoke something the smoke temp is 90 to 120 but the meats been cures with salt and sometimes nitrates to prevent mold and bacterial growth and tou still have to cook it to bring the temp up to safe range. My slow cooker even on 10 hours simmers pretty hard and on 6 hours boils. There are solar cookers that are called Cajun ovens and we used a old stadium light cases with a sheet of glass over them to create a oven that you could burn something in. In solar oven its all about how the light is reflected, kind of like a microwave they cook from the inside out. But anyways kinda long winded i just got off of a 12 shift. but I hope you get the point if your going to make one use better materials and glass to create more heat. A case of food poison or dysentery is no joke. But in a pinch like survival it would work . Have a great day.


    9 years ago

    Wow have fun with the runs after you eat it. It doesn't matter pre cooked or not that slow of a temp rise is going to allow bacterial growth. Yes I know I am a 25 year cook and a health dept inspector.

    Dominic Bender
    Dominic Bender

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Would the temperature inside not rise above 60 to 70°C? I am no expert, but is that not the temperature used for slow cooking? What temperature would you deem safe?


    9 years ago

    Hey quick question wanna give up on life an live in a tree house with wifi?