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Introduction: Solar Powered Security System

It's pretty backwards that everyone else doesn't have a home security system they can access from there iPhone.  It's even more backwards that most home security systems still run on the grid.  I decided to build a home security system that was accessible through the internet and ran on solar power.  Are you ready to have this kind of power?

Full Disclosure: I work at Camm Security Inc.  Makers of the S-100 Camly used in this instructable.

Here's a tutorial on setting up the whole thing:

Step 1: Materials

I bought most of my materials at Fry's (the electronics wal-mart).

1. A Security Camera
2. A SunForce solar panel (you need a barrel connector I'm not positive this particular solar panel comes with one)
3.iSun Battery Pack
4. 8 rechargeable batteries
5. DC/DC convertor
6. Various mounts and screws.

Step 2: How It All Connects to Power

The solar panel charges the batteries that run the security camera at all hours.  The iSun Battery Pack has a DC in, which for SunForce (the solar panel I chose) I needed a barrel connector (pictured below) to connect to the battery pack.  The battery pack has a female DC out.  I used a DC to DC converter to make sure the batteries ran 12 Volts to the security camera.  That whole system is set up to power the camera it still has to connect to the internet.  

Step 3: Connect Camera to Wireless Internet

Hopefully you've already set up your account with and have the camera running on with the ethernet plugged in. Log in at this should take you to your account page.  On your account page, click WIreless Settings and enter your wireless information.  Wait a while then you should be able to unplug the Ethernet cord.  

Step 4: Mount the System Anywhere

You'll probably need a hammer and a drill to mount everything.  Of course how you mount everything depends on where you want to set up.  My only advice is for best sun exposure mount the solar panel facing the south. 

Step 5: Viewing Your Camera From Work or Your IPhone

Log in at On your account page click View Camera. This should take you to an interface where you can view your live video and the last thirty days of video.

Step 6: Done: Now Enjoy the Power of Security Anywhere

Better than Chuck Norris as your personal bodyguard.  Set one up outside your house or your back door or watch your bird feeder or set it up to watch an ant hill and do a time lapse.  The possibilities are endless. 

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    3 years ago

    i need a set up but i dont think that stuff is tuff enough for the sun and weather out here . I need solor out door cams with solar panels that have the wire that wont melt and talk to wifi and are motion tripped ,,send to phone or dvd wireless ly


    6 years ago on Introduction

    If you use an IP camera and set up a free Dropbox account, you can get the images from the camera and they automatically show up in the cloud on the Dropbox site.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Too bad it doesn't run on a cellular network instead of your home network. If your power goes out, so will your internet router. (Unless that is solar supported also) If you're cable or phone lines are cut, you're also sort of out of luck. At least there's memory on the cam so that assuming the thieves don't take it you may get some images. I can't seem to see how to get video off of the cam without the service fee from the website. $20 is not too bad, but an ADT system monitoring is only $40ish according to their website and they're watching a lot more stuff. Good idea though, nice easy instructable. :)