Introduction: Solar Powered Toy Boat

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In this instructable I'll show you how I made this simple and easy solar boat for my kids.

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Step 1: The Boat

I made the body of the boat from a large water PET bottle.

I used a soldering iron to make many holes to facilitate the cutting process.

Then I used a normal straight saw to cut the bottle as shown in photo.

Step 2: Thrust

I got those parts to generate thrust for the boat.

- 6V Solar panel

Amazon US , eBay

- Submersed water pump (3-9 Volt)

Amazon US , Aliexpress , eBay

I connected the Solar Panel with the Water pump with electric wires.

I used transparent tape to fit the solar panel inside the boat as shown.

Then I made two small holes in the rear vertical wall of the boat. Then I mounted the pump to the boat with copper wires.

Then I made final adjustment to the pump position so its water inlet and outlet be immersed inside the water to give the best thrust possible.

Step 3: Test

Here I put those two dolls as the boat passengers and let them sail in the water.

You may find that you need to adjust the pump for the best performance.

Put that boat in a lake on a calm day and let it sail in peace.

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