Introduction: Solar Shield Sunglasses Repairs

Solar Shield Sunglasses Repaired

by Egon Pavlis, Biomedtronix Inc.

So, you too found and bought the Solar Shield Sunglasses or equivalent.

Was it because the wrap around feature? They do control light to your peripheral vision. The ads say they ideal for "for post-cataract and light sensitive people". That's me all right... light sensitive. As well they block wind, breezes and bugs getting in. Not like goggles with a tight seal but still enough to provide some relief.

Was it because the over-the- glasses fit? Nice for us that refuses the contacts and laser treatments. Maybe a bit chunky on the front.

Oh, and polarized to boot. Great. Very affordable priced at under $20. Nice overall product.

No, I don't sell them; earn anything because of them, whatever. I just like them and have for a few years now.

When you first saw and tried them you likely just knew these had potential.
Potential to break that is!

Why the manufacturer chose to have such crappy arms is totally beyond me. (See, I told you I don't sell them.) The arms are so freekin' thin in the middle area I've broken 4 pairs so far. (Obviously sellers claim not a marketing trick to sell more sets.) Really?

But I keep coming back because of the good things about them and I just can't seem to find similar glasses with decent arms. As well I've learned to adapt some easy repairs that so far have extended the life of these.

A very short "ible", here we go.

Step 1: First Arm Breaks

[[br]]Once the first arm breaks (and it will), don't throw them out.

Idea #1
If they break mid arm like I expect, the glasses can be repaired. Simply slip on a piece of thin wall black tubing, about 4.5" (12cm) long. Tack it on with crazy glue so it won't slip off. To make things symmetrical I actually broke the other arm at the same place and repaired with 2 pieces of tubing.

Idea #2
If they break at the hinge (another weak spot), it is usually the arm part that breaks. Put the glasses aside until your next pair of glasses breaks an arm (see a pattern developing). With any luck at all you'll not break the same arm. The good arm may be the part you need to repair the first set you put aside. If the same arm breaks put both sets aside and wait again or check out step 2 of this "ible".

Removing Arms
You'll find the arms are like most glasses but use a longer screw. Any decent Jewelers Screwdriver set for a few bucks will have the required small size screwdriver required.[[br]]

Step 2: Both Arms Break

[[br]]Ok, so you've just robbed the last good arm off a pair of glasses, or the hinges have let go. Here is what you can do.

Drill a small hole (9/64" or 5/32")in the ends and with a "curley" shoelace put a make-shift head band on. Actually not nearly a goofy as the idea sounds. These actually work better on the water, boating or fishing. Anytime you really don't want to drop or lose them. [[br]]