Solar Shield Sunglasses Repairs

Introduction: Solar Shield Sunglasses Repairs

Solar Shield Sunglasses Repaired

by Egon Pavlis, Biomedtronix Inc.

So, you too found and bought the Solar Shield Sunglasses or equivalent.

Was it because the wrap around feature? They do control light to your peripheral vision. The ads say they ideal for "for post-cataract and light sensitive people". That's me all right... light sensitive. As well they block wind, breezes and bugs getting in. Not like goggles with a tight seal but still enough to provide some relief.

Was it because the over-the- glasses fit? Nice for us that refuses the contacts and laser treatments. Maybe a bit chunky on the front.

Oh, and polarized to boot. Great. Very affordable priced at under $20. Nice overall product.

No, I don't sell them; earn anything because of them, whatever. I just like them and have for a few years now.

When you first saw and tried them you likely just knew these had potential.
Potential to break that is!

Why the manufacturer chose to have such crappy arms is totally beyond me. (See, I told you I don't sell them.) The arms are so freekin' thin in the middle area I've broken 4 pairs so far. (Obviously sellers claim not a marketing trick to sell more sets.) Really?

But I keep coming back because of the good things about them and I just can't seem to find similar glasses with decent arms. As well I've learned to adapt some easy repairs that so far have extended the life of these.

A very short "ible", here we go.

Step 1: First Arm Breaks

[[br]]Once the first arm breaks (and it will), don't throw them out.

Idea #1
If they break mid arm like I expect, the glasses can be repaired. Simply slip on a piece of thin wall black tubing, about 4.5" (12cm) long. Tack it on with crazy glue so it won't slip off. To make things symmetrical I actually broke the other arm at the same place and repaired with 2 pieces of tubing.

Idea #2
If they break at the hinge (another weak spot), it is usually the arm part that breaks. Put the glasses aside until your next pair of glasses breaks an arm (see a pattern developing). With any luck at all you'll not break the same arm. The good arm may be the part you need to repair the first set you put aside. If the same arm breaks put both sets aside and wait again or check out step 2 of this "ible".

Removing Arms
You'll find the arms are like most glasses but use a longer screw. Any decent Jewelers Screwdriver set for a few bucks will have the required small size screwdriver required.[[br]]

Step 2: Both Arms Break

[[br]]Ok, so you've just robbed the last good arm off a pair of glasses, or the hinges have let go. Here is what you can do.

Drill a small hole (9/64" or 5/32")in the ends and with a "curley" shoelace put a make-shift head band on. Actually not nearly a goofy as the idea sounds. These actually work better on the water, boating or fishing. Anytime you really don't want to drop or lose them. [[br]]

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    Thomas Schulte
    Thomas Schulte

    6 years ago on Step 2

    Mine tend to have the lenses pop out if I drop them and I find it hard to get them back in. I wish I knew a way to make them stay in.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I have had the lens pop out as well. This is what works for me: Warm up the frame around the lens area by running warm to hot water on that area and the lens can be popped right back in. And, while the sunglasses are wet I go ahead and clean with mild soap, rinse and dry with a cotton or linen cloth.


    Almost any decent electronics part store and many hardware stores, maybe even craft supply places, have heat shrink tubing, it comes in several sizes, and is normally sold in a few feet lengths. It is most used by electronics people to cover (insulate) where two wires are joined, rather than taping. If you really can't find this stuff try ebay.

    Since I do not know who will read this, your age, or handiness level, I'll tell you how I do it, get help as you need it.

    If you've never used the stuff, it is fairly basic, use what appears to be oversized diameter, cut to length needed, when heated this stuff gets a bit soft and shrinks a few sizes. For the glasses, don't use the broken off piece, stuff the tapered arm into the tubing firmly. Heat the tubing part that is now stretched over the arm part. If you are careful or talented, you can use a match, the idea is not to burn the tubing with too much heat so hold the flame close beside the repair or several inches below or even sweep the repair through the flame. If in doubt just try it on a spare piece of the heat shrink tubing you don't need and you'll see just how much/little heat it takes and how much it shrinks. You really have to go overboard to ignite this stuff, but overheating will make it blister or make it look sloppy.

    If you burn yourself... well, are on your own.

    If you don't play with matches or lighters, the heat can be from soldering iron, clothes iron, maybe curling iron, or possibly hair dryer, holding over stove burner.... you get the idea.

    Ok, now having said all that. I found better glasses a while back, at Giant Tiger, a Canadian Store. I'm not sure they still have it. I do not know the brand but it came in a box of two, one with a yellow lenses and one with dark lenses for maybe $10-20. The arms are thicker and have yet to break on me, the darker lenses are not quite as dark as the Solar Shades but are polarized just the same. The yellow lenses seem to lighten things on grey days, in fact on grey days when I finally take them off it is depressing just how miserable grey days are.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    6 years ago on Step 1

    I am on my third pair. Where did you purchase the tubing? Thanks.

    You sir are a Scholar and a Gentleman! Thank you so much. As a suggestion, use shrink wrap instead of black tubing and notch the arms a little on the thick side this way they are secure.

    Best regards!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I wear a brand called Cocoons when i do my hunting and fishing. I got them a couple of years ago when i was at Cabelas and i have never had a problem with them. I think they were a little more than $20 more like $40 but well worth it since it sounds like you are breaking those other ones regularly. hope this helps.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Interestingly enough while I'm in Chicago week after next, I was already planning a trip to Cabela's and will check them out while there.  There is only one Cabela's in Canada and it is in Winnipeg, even the US ones are nowhere even remotely close to me in Eastern Ontario, so this will be my first ever visit to one.  Look out Walleye tackle!!


    11 years ago on Step 2

    Great ideas! I must buy at least three pair of these each year for my daughter alone.


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 2

    I've also noticed that once you have the individual arms off, there are a few different versions slightly different. I've had to grind one. Still absolutely perfect for a day fishing in the sun.