Introduction: Solar S’mores Maker

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Wanna make s’mores off grid? Why not try this solar s’mores maker. So easy kids can do it !



• pizza box
• foil
• plastic wrap
• tape
• craft knife
• pen
• black paper
• newspaper
• skewer
For the s’mores:

• marshmallows
• chocolate
• biscuits ( plain vanilla)

Step 1: Make the Box!

First draw a square 5 cm from the edge on the lid of the pizza box.
Then cut out 3 sides except the side nearest to the hinge of the box.

Step 2: Finish the Box!

Next place black paper on the inside bottom of the box.
Then cover the opening you cut out with plastic wrap and tape it down. Do this from both sides (inside and out).
Once that is done cover the flap in silver foil and tape it down.
Then roll up some newspapers and put them on the sides of the inside of the box (this keeps the heat in).

Step 3: Melting Time!

To make the s’mores place some chocolate (2 pcs), marshmallows (2 pcs) on a biscuit and sandwich that with another biscuit. Next place the box on the sun and put the s’more in it. Close the lid. Using a skewer keep the flap open so the silver foil is reflecting the sun, you can bend the flap slightly inwards to make a curve so that more sun is reflected into the box. Now watch it melt !

Step 4: Enjoy!


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