Introduction: Solar Tracker

The Project Solar Tracker has been made by our group "Solar loggers." It provides more efficiency in the green energy sector.So, we think more and more people should use such green energy projects (like Solar tracker) to provide a longer life of planet Earth. The Project is quite easy to make, a piece of cake for professionals and a very good brainstorming project for beginners.

For what have we made it?

  • Trackers generate more electricity than their stationary counterparts due to increased direct exposure to solar rays. This increase can be as much as 10 to 25% depending on the geographic location of the tracking system.
  • Solar trackers generate more electricity in roughly the same amount of space needed for fixed-tilt systems, making them ideal for optimizing land usage.
  • Advancements in technology and reliability in electronics and mechanics have drastically reduced long-term maintenance concerns for tracking systems.
  • Reducing Human Effort

For whom have we made it?

The project has been made for the condition in today's world.The excessive usage of electricity has led to its shortage. And as we know electricity is mostly made from natural products like coal, which are non renewable and are a great matter of concern.
As solar panel has already been invented by scientists, but it stays fixed and the sun rays mostly fall on it slanting.The aim is to make sunlight fall on solar panel directly so that it produces maximum amount of electricity.

Materials required

For making Circuit:

  • 1 Laptop
  • 1 Solar Panel
  • 1 Arduino Uno Micro-computer
  • 2 Photo resistors (LDR's)
  • 1 Breadboard
  • 2 Resistors (10 k ohm)
  • 20 Jumper Wires
  • 1 Servo Motor

For making Base of Solar Panel:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • 1 Wooden Circular Stick
  • Normal Brown coloured Cardboard
  • 1 Glue Gun
  • Clay/Mud to add weight

Step 1: Make a Proper Circuit

Make a correct circuit by using the circuit diagram provided.

Step 2: Code

Step 3: Make a Base for Solar Panel:

A base for the Solar Panel is very important for a proper model.You can make it by the diagram provided.

Step 4: Some Tips

  • Connect Servo Motors properly.
  • Connections should be proper. A small wire can cause certain disorders.
  • Connections should be organized.
  • Never plant prototype under the Sun as you will only be able to see the movements after a very long time.
  • If its a large scale model, keep it in open ground/terrace to collect energy.
  • Stick the circuit materials on the base for organizes model.

Step 5: Process

Step 6: Final Model