Introduction: Solar Tracker

This is a solar tracker I made.When I surfed the internet I got many ideas but I thought to make a budget friendly project so here is it. I made it for especially beginners who are new to arduino. And I even uploaded the images of the main supplies.Here is the test video link: . Copy paste this link on search bar


All u need are:
Photo resistors-4
Arduino nano(if u have u can use other Arduino boards but I recommend nano)-1
I ohom resistors -4
Of course some jumper cables , breadboard, cardboard.

Step 1: Construction of Body

From the images u should be able to figure out how to make the body. And there were many wires in 6th picture because they are joined to photo resistors.So you are done with body now electric connections time.

Step 2: Circuits

So Here is the circuit diagram . You can either do it on a breadboard or veroboard. In veroboard u should solder it. Here u are almost done .

Step 3: Time to Code!!!

Time to code. Connect Ur Arduino and upload the code. The code is in the tip section.
You are done .

Step 4: Testing

If it works like mine then u made your very own solar tracker.Hope u enjoyed it .
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