Solar Tracking Weather Station

Introduction: Solar Tracking Weather Station

This Instructable will give you the basic guidelines for replicating my project. This is a combination of two Instructables I saw, and I decided to put them together. Check it out!

Step 1: Materials, Wiring and Coding


Board: Arduino Mega 2560



Soil Moisture

Rain Module

Barometric Pressure


Voltage Stepper

Blocking Diodes

Solar Panel

Servos (2)

Photoresistor (4)

10k Resistors (4)

Assorted Arduino Jumpers

Electrical Tape

3D printer





Rain module- 5v, GND, A0

Soil Moisture- 5v, GND, A1

Temperature/Humidity- 5v, GND, D31

Barometric: 3.3v, GND, SDA (20 on my board), SCL (21 on my board)



Calibrating these was difficult for me. The board in the picture is an Uno. Just follow where I have pins in the Instructable, the purpose if the image is to show you what the breadboard looks like. I did not use potentiometers.

Left down- 5v, A8

Left up- 5v, A9

Right up- 5v, A10

Right down- 5v, A11


Vertical- 5v, GND, D35

Horiz- 5v, GND, D33

Step 2: Pack It Up!

Step 2 was pretty intense, I get it. Heck, its how to make the thing. Now all that's left is to pack it up in the box!

Leave the sensors out,

Send all the wires through the opening of the box. You will not be able to plug the battery pack in yet with this Instructable as you will need to use the data port to view the serial monitor data. GSM shield with text notifications to come later.

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