Introduction: Solar Uven 2.0


Step 1: Get Materials:

You need:

- Lazer Cutter (glowforge)

- Black Construction Paper

- Tin Foil

- Carboard

- Hot Glue

- Clig Wrap

- Coolie Dough

- Direct Sunlight

Step 2: Make a Box Using Glowforge Out of Card Board

Go to and make the size of box you desire, we used a 3 in by 3 in box. After you are done paste the template into glowforge. We also made a square hole in the top for the cling wrap.

Step 3: Add Reflector, Cling Wrap, and Decorate!

Taking the cutout piece of card board from the hole on the top of the box, cover it in tinfoil, and hot glue above the hole on the top. Now, cover the hole with cling wrap, its easiest to just use hot glue! Finaly, DECORATE!

Step 4: Make a Flap

Take a Exacto Knife, and cut a rectangle into the box. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CUT THE TOP LINE! That will be the fold to put the cookie in. You can make a handle out of hot glue if you would like.

Step 5: Add Black Paper and Tin Foil

Place back paper at the bottom of the box, and partly cover with tin foil..


Make sure that it is thin so they cook faster!

Step 7: Bake Outside

Place the cookie dough at the bottom of the box. Make sure they are in direct sunlight. Cook until they look done

Step 8: ENJOY!!!!!!