Introduction: Solar & Wind Superhero Halloween Costume for Two!

We decided to go green this halloween! - We made a couples costume of Alternative energy superheroes! We made a fully rotating wind turbine helmet for Wind Turbine Woman and a fabulous sun hat for Solar Power Man.

I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to ask questions!

Step 1: !. Wind Turbine Costume: Making a Rotating Wind Turbine Helmet

1. cover a bicycle helmet in masking tape to protect the helmet.

Thread an elastic string through two front ventilation slits in the the helmet (pierce through the tape) and tie a knot about 2cm loose from the helmet (leave a long string). Place extra masking tape around the holes for the elastic to stop it from tearing (I used a metal washer and taped it on).

To make the turbine cover a small tin can with silver card to make a cone point. Behind the can place three wings cut from thick card or foam card. Tie them all together with elastic string and glue and tape everything together so the turbine is one piece.

Tie the elastic of the turbine tightly behind the knot on the helmet. This should allow you to have a free rotating turbine that you can spin whilst wearing the helmet! (Note this contraption is not very strong and will probably only last one fun party but it works if you dont over spin it!)

Step 2: Add Clouds

Finish the helmet by covering the helmet with a second layer of double sided sticky tape and attach bits of foam/sponge to create clouds (I used this to cover up my hair like a kind of wig).

Step 3: Body of the Turbine Costume

I used a silver catsuit (lycra), silver gloves, I made a cape from a blue sheet and some netting , and a cloud shoulder from quilting foam stapled to the cape. Final touches- white your whole face and use silver lipstick for the eyebrows to make a cloud, line it with blue eyeliner. Add silver lips! I also painted a cloud on my cheek with blue eyeliner and silver lipstick. I then added black mascara so that I didn't look like a ghost!)

Step 4: Step 4: Making the Solar Costume- Hat

I used glitter felt fabric in four colours. I placed all pieces in a pile and cut a hole big enough for my husband's face (measure it with a tape measure). Then I sewed the perimeter of the circle with a sewing machine. Then I cut triangles in alternate spaces from each layer, you only need four or five spikes in each colour (5 x 4 colours= 20 spikes!). Attach an elastic chord to the back most layer to wear as a mask.

Step 5: Step 5: Make the Solar Panel

I used a cardboard box and cut up a clear plastic tablecloth with squares on it (I think bubble wrap would work just as well) and used Uhu to glue it on I also stapled it for extra strength - I stapled the straps made from silver glitter foam sheeting on to the back of the board.

Step 6: Body for the Solar Panel

Gold lycra leggings and a red long sleeved top. Then a yellow fabric cape underneath the solar panel. Make up was just gold glitter all over the face and gold lipstick for the eyebrows and lips.

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