Introduction: Solder Holder

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This is basically a holder where you can store your solder or other cables / wires

Step 1: Parts:

You will need:

The templates wich you can get here :

a piece of 5mm plywood

a wooden stick

some wood glue

and some spray adhesive or a glue stick

Step 2: Tools

You'll also need:

Drill with the diameter of your stick




cutting knife

a clamp

Step 3: Cut Out the Template

Get your template from

and cut out the blue-framed piece.

you may want to use a ruler for help.

Step 4: Cut the Wood

The "walls"

Use the spray adhesive or the glue stick to glue the template into the corner of the plywood. This way it willl be quicker and more precise.

After you have cut out the piece take it and use it as a temlate for the second piece If you don't want to use the wood as a template simply cut out two templates and repeat this step.

The "base"

Turn the piece of plywood and mark a rectangle which measures 8 by 6 cm.

Now cut it and you have all the parts you need to build this project.

Step 5: Clean the Pieces

Try to align the two side walls as perciseley as possible.

Now tighten them together with a clamp and smooth the edges.

When you now take them apart again they should align perfectly.

Now try to pull of the template from the side wall(s).

If necessary take your sandpaper and remove the excess glue.

Step 6: Drilling

Take your drill (in my case 5,5 mm but this depends on the stick you want to use) and drill a hole about one cm from the corner (like shown in the pictures).

When you have drilled your hole take the piece and align it with the second one.

Now take your drill again and drill about halfway through the second piece.

Step 7: The Assembly

Take your base plate and cover the sides with wood glue.

Now take your side walls and clamp them to the base plate.

When your wood glue has hardened remove your clamps and try, whether the stick has got the right lengh.(there should be about one centimeter excess like shown in the picture , to allow you to remove the stick in order to place your spool of solder on it)

If the stick doesn't have the right lenght you can simply cut it to size.

And there you have it: your very own "solder holder"

Hope you have fun !

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