Solder Iron Clothes Stand Upcycle Makeover Reporpoise Massive.




Introduction: Solder Iron Clothes Stand Upcycle Makeover Reporpoise Massive.

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

Standard solder iron stands are not cutting the mustard, not going to mention the courtesy flat plate stands supplied with irons.

  • First they are not heavy , iv often found that the screw securing the tip gets caught and i drag the stand across the desk.
  • The supplied cleaning sponge, whats that all about.
  • They look a bit rubbish.
  • Irons come in a range of sizes, my biggest one will not fit .

For this instructable i will address the first 3 issues with an up-cycle steampunk extravaganza ,The 4th issue will be dealt with in a frenzy of fire and metal using leftover from the previous endevour.

health and safety electricity and salt water don't mix.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Tools drill and bits, tap and die set , punch, file.wire brush.steel wool.lazy tong riveter, vice

Materials cast iron clothes iron, angle plates, sash window lock, solder, flux, iron tip cleaner brass wool. metal pipe.abrasive paper.super glue.pop rivets

Costing. everything used i found in my studio.

Step 2: The Iron Iron

The handle on the clothes iron was long gone a victim of corrosion in its obsoleteion.,

  • Wire brush then wire wool to remove most of the rust.
  • Drill and tap a thread into the iron where the handle was attached.
  • Remove the springy bit from the original stand and attach it to the iron with a bolt.
  • Drill a hole in the base of the brass wool holder and attach that to the iron also.
  • Superglue rubbery anti-slip pad to the bottom. despite it weighing 5lb its base is smooth.

health and safety drilling cast iron clothes iron can shatter drill bits. drill small hole then follow with progressively bigger bits.

Step 3: Holder for the Big Iron.

Images show how my large iron does not fit in the springy bit,

I found a metal pipe in my interesting bits of metal draw that fits over my large iron.

Video shows,

  • Fitting sash lock to pipe with rivets and solder,
  • Attaching pipe and lock to base plate of original stand.
  • Also adding lead weight to stand to stop toppling

health and safety asbestos underwear ,verruca socks and a rubber hat.

Step 4: Angle Plate Safety Cage

I replaced the lead weight with a angle plate surround. attached with nuts and bolts.

health and safety drilling holes leaves sharp edges

Step 5: Reinforcing the Sash Lock Ball Joint.

There was still some movement in the ball joint even after trying to solder it solid, I guess the solder did not want to stick to that particular type of alloy.

After drilling a hole through the outside of the socket into the ball. a self tapping screw makes it solid.

health and safety drilling into small convex surfaces stabby stabby fingers.

Step 6: Adding Weight

Using the redundant cleaning sponge receptacle as a vessel for some molten lead.

health and safety hot lead splashy splashy burn burn poisonous gas

Step 7:

Having a well behaved stand for your iron will make soldering easier.

  • Thanks for reading.
  • please feel free to comment and check out my other instructables.
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7 years ago

I bought one of these three months ago and find definitely disturbing that the screw of the end gets caught and you have to hold the whole apparatus with two hands to unhook it.

Thanks for sharing! Voted (for the Before and After contest).


Reply 7 years ago

thank for your vote. iv been looking to find a solution to the screw hook phenomenon.


7 years ago

Ahhh, Crazy, I totally understand your stress and irritation with the completely inadequate *holders* available for your soldering iron. Great solution! I'm in the market for a 100 watt soldering iron and a holder and I know I'm not going to be happy with the wimpy holders either. I'll be begging my husband to *do something* if the holder doesn't hold the hot iron steady.


Reply 7 years ago

im planning on cutting some vents in the big holder. it gets hot. you can pull the plastic bit out of a standard holder, then all he has got to do is bolt or screw it to something heavy. it would be interesting if you put a picture of the result in the comments. thanks for looking. :-)