Introduction: Solder Station 3rd Arm

Upgrading ebay junk


Mostly teardown parts

Step 1: This Could Be Better

So i bought these 3rd arm with led lit magnifying glass units (bought 2 as they were from ebay)
But its viewing angles were impractical and it became more of a third wheel when trying to use.

Step 2: Parts I Had From Previous Teardowns

I had a cheap coffee pod machice that started busting all the pods, making for a horrible last mouthful of coffee on my morning commute.
I wasn't happy so pod machine got the boot.
Couldn't just throw it, so after some careful beating with a hammer and a few screws removed, i had some more useful/less junk parts.
Notable parts acquired,
small water pump
Water heater
Bench tool tidy(old pod bin)
Few push button PCBs with led
But for this build it was the pod compartment/ lever system i was interested in.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

I didn't get any pics mid build, but i mostly improvised with other bits n bobs i had lying around.
Im quite happy with the versatility it now offers. With almost each section being able to move and swivel to desired position then locked in place with wing nuts
I plan to add more, longer arms and some sort of pcb clamp ( what came with original unit only opens about 20mm)
I also have moved the iron holder from the unit as it was very close. I have a stand alone iron holder which i prefer.

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