Introduction: Solder USB-cable to Arduino UNO (clone)

It saves some space in a case and sometimes it is easier to solder a cable to an Arduino than to plug and unplug it every time. Once tested it is the one plug less to worry about. - So let's see how it works.

Step 1: Peel Your USB-Cable

To start remove a board with of your cables outer insulation and pre apply some solder to every of wires.

Step 2: Add Stress Relief

To avoid an early tear-out of the cable, we wrap the cable through one of the mouting holes (which will not be available any more for screws, but who cares ;-)

Step 3: Sodler the Wire to the USB-Connector Pins

Now we can solder the pins of the USB-Cable to the bottom of the Arduino. Be sure to follow exactly the same scheme:

White -- Green

Red -- Black

Step 4: Test It

Before we finish the build, just test if you can upload the "blink" sketch as usually.

Step 5: Add Some Magic Isolations (aka Hot Glue)

To add some more stress resistance, add a big blob of hot glue.