Introduction: Soldered Metal Octopus

Hi! This is my second instructable project:) I made it for my gf, because octopus is one her favourite kind of animal:3 So i hope you will enjoy this project i learned a lot about soldering when i worked on this little tentacle monster:P

Step 1: What You Need/ (or What I Used)

- metal wire(i used a lot)

- soldering wire

- soldering gun

- 2x yellow 10mm led (for the eyes)

- 4x green 3mm led (for the box)

- 2x 9v battery(+2x 9v battery clip)

- 2x toggle switch

Step 2: The Metal Part (doing the Soldering)

That was the funny (hard part) because i don't have any bender machine or tools so i made it with barehands. That's why it doesn't look perfect :S But i tried my best. First i made base of the head. And after that i made the tentacles.

I used a pencil to bend them for the spiral shape. For the eyes i used the 10mm yellow LEDs and a potentiometer to adjust the perfect brightness for the LEDs.

Step 3: The Plastic Part/(making the Acrylglass Box)

First i wanted to put the battery into the oczopus head. But i changed my mind and made a little acrylglass box for the battery and the switches.

I find an old and broken quit big acrylglass sheet. I washed it and used it for the box. I cut the panels (1x90mm*90mm, 4x90mm*30mm)

For the cut i used a wood saw blade.

For the holes i used a wood holde driller.

After the drill and the cut i used some sandpaper to make the sheets look cooler:)

When i finished the smoothing i made the box with a glue gun.

I put 4 LEDs+toggle switch (green is series) into the box for some light effect.

Step 4: Finishing the Cracken:D

I put the "creature" on the top sheet and drilled a hole for the cables. Puted the switch in the hole some bending and it's finished:)

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. My girlfriend was sooo happy when she saw it.

If you have any adice for me how can i become better or what should i have to improve pls leave a comment.

I uploaded a video if you want to see it closer.

Have a nice day and thanks for whatching:)

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