Introduction: Soldering

Step 1: Setting Up the Soldering Station

When setting up a soldering station, you must first make sure you have all the necessary materials BEFORE plugging anything in. After that you must read the instructions on your task for the day. Once all materials are gathered and you have read the instructions, turn on the soldering iron and begin heating it. As your iron is heating up you should plug in your fan that takes in the fumes created when soldering to avoid breathing them in.

Step 2: Soldering

When soldering you must never, ever touch any metal part of the iron, because it will instantly severely burn your skin. When soldering you must put your object in the helping hand before picking up the iron. Once you have the object oriented in the helping hand, you may grab the iron. To being soldering you hold the solder to the place you wish to solder and touch the iron to the solder. After about 10 minutes, you will catch on and it quickly becomes easier. When soldering, after the object has been successfully soldered to the board, use the clippers to get off any excess solder or metal if needed.

Step 3:

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