Introduction: Soldering Iron Stand From Copper Pipe

Here's a quick and easy soldering iron stand.

Step 1: Cut Pipe.

You will need: Copper pipe. Saw. Flat piece of wood. Rubber sheet. Glue. Clamp. Wood screws. Drill. Hammer or vice.

Find some copper pipe just large enough for your soldering iron to go in. Note the iron may have a screw on the side.

Saw off a section of pipe. De-burr any sharp edges.

Step 2: Crush and Drill

Hammer the pipe flat, (or crush in a vice) from one end up to the point where the iron will go most of the way in from the other end, but the hot pipe cannot touch the plastic body of the iron.

Bend the pipe up a little and clamp the flat end to the piece of wood centrally laterally, and at the far end lengthways. Drill holes smaller than the screws through into the wood. Drill again just through the pipe with a drill larger than the screws. Fix with screws. If they go through, remove, saw off the ends, and re-fit.

Step 3: Underside

Glue pieces of rubber to the underside of the base for grip to your workbench. I used rubber plumber's tape, but cycle inner tubes would work too.

Place your soldering iron in the end, and bend up the pipe until the iron is nicely balanced. Bear in mind the weight of the cable, which may swing about in use.

Voila! Note this stand will get hotter than a proper spiral stand, so wait for it to cool after use.