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Introduction: Soldering Iron Throne

About: My name is Jack and Growing up in a workshop has taught me a few things so I'd like to share my experiences after my discoveries. I do put the J in genius after all.

this project is a very adaptable stand for a soldering iron that adds stability, storage, and safety. it allows storage for your solder related items the would usually use much more space.

Step 1: The Plan

my plan is to create a stand for my soldering iron with a solder spool and tip holders. i'm using some beautiful mahogany i had sitting around. draw it out it doesn't have to be a masterpiece. i picked a very simple shape and to connect the two a 5/16th inch dowel.

Step 2: Drilling and Cutting

the pieces where cut with a miter saw to 8 inches then a triangle was removed at a 45 degree angle also with a miter. then 5/16th holes are cut with a forstener bit and a drill press perpendicular to the piece. once this is done the dowels can be cut to 5 inches and test fit to the mahogany. additionally i added a hole for the power cord so the base of the soldering iron sits better.

Step 3: Add On's

i then decided to cut a holder for more solder and each of the three extra tips this was also done on a drill press to keep the holes parallel with the mahogany. i would have also added a holed for my solder wick but no good idea surfaced.

Step 4: Final Assembly and Finishing

glue in all of the dowels accept the spool dowel which should be removable to change spools of solder. once the glue sets sand the the dowels and sides flush you can then stain and lacquer, and you're done.

thank you for reading

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    Roddy Scott
    Roddy Scott

    5 years ago

    Neat idea! If I had room on my bench I would build one.