Introduction: Soldering Station Using Inviot U1, an Arduino Compatible Board.

Soldering station using


InvIoT U1an (Arduino compatible) board.


I am using the InvIoT U1 board to build a soldering station. There is a sensor with a wire connecting to the base of the soldering station with the InvIoT U1. That way I sense that the soldering iron is on the base, and if is sitting there for some time to drop the temperature.

Also if you haven’t used the soldering iron for some time (default 10min), it will shut the soldering iron down.

On the display there is a time clock. Everything is configurable through a menu.

Step 1: What You Need

1. InvIoT U1 board


2. A FDTI232 USB to UART programmer or any other programmer

3. Parts to build the circuit. Major parts are a 24v power supply more then 2A, a 24v soldering iron, soldering base, an IRF540 mosfet, lm358 opamp, 7812 voltage regulator to drop the 24v to 12v for the InvIoT U1, a male 5 pin plug, and some passive parts. The parts can be found at the draft schematic.

You can print your own PCB if you can (drawings are included) or build it on a prototype arduino PCB or a regular prototype PCB.

Ebay search examples for major parts:

soldering iron

24v 3a power supply

plug for soldering

4. Latest version of Arduino IDE

5. Library for U1. Download the latest library from U1 library. Online manual, more examples, and help for all the functions that can be used in the library can be found here.

Step 2: Building Circuit.

There are 2 ways to build the circuit. Using a prototype board, or printing your own PCB. I have done it both ways, and I included all the pictures in the download file.

In the future I will print the PCB with OSHPARK.COM so you can order through them a PCB

One thing to consider is that from the 5 pin plug you will see 4 wires only. The middle wire is the ground , and the 4th wire is also the ground wire for the heat sensor . Please pay attention to the pictures.

In the download file you will find the schematic, PCB, and a lot of pictures of how to build it step by step.

Step 3: Connect, Find Sketch, Edit Sketch,upload Sketch

1. Connect FTDI

2. Install latest version of Arduino IDE and the InvIoT library. Info on how to install can be found at 'software setup'

3. On Arduino IDE go to File->Examples->InvIoT->g. Applications→soldering station

4. Edit the sketch to calibrate the temperature reading.

5. Press upload