Introduction: Soldering a Connector on Thick Wire

Hey there, this is a quick guide on how to solder an xt60 connector onto a LiPo battery.

Tip : an easy way to keep your iron away from everything if you don't have a stand is to use a binder clip.

Warning! Lipos are very dangerous, especially near heat. Handle with care.

What you'll need:-

- A soldering iron (duh)
- solder wire
- connector
- heatshrink

{optional but useful}
Binder clip, rubber bands, plier

Step 1: Removing the Old Connector

First we gotta remove the old connector. It's an ec3 connector. You can either remove the plugs and desolder the wire, or just cut the wire. I'm just gonna cut it.

Warning: when cutting, don't cut both wires together. The blade can short the lipo, which can cause damage.

Also, once you've cut off the connector, cover the wire with a bit of heatshrink to prevent it from accidently shorting

Step 2: Preparing the Wires

Now is the time you'll want to prep the wires by stripping and tinning them. To strip a silicon wire, simply slice the insulation with your blade. You don't need to strip too much, just about 3-4mm.

Also, don't forget to put your heatshrink onto the wire before soldering

Now for tinning. Take the solder wire and touch it to the lipo wire. Touch the soldering iron to it to melt the solder onto the wire. The solder I use has Flux inside it, but if yours doesn't, be sure to add some Flux onto the wire before tinning. Flux helps the solder stick. Don't put too much Flux as it can degrade the metal.

TIN one wire, then solder it to the connector, then heatshrink it. Then move on to the next wire. This will prevent an accidental short circuit

Step 3: Solder to the Connector

Now we gotta solder the wire to the connector. For this first tin the connector. Check the polarity to make sure you're soldering it the right way.

To keep the connector steady, a simple trick is to wrap a plier with a rubber band and put the connector in it.

Repeat for the other wire. It helps if you keep the connector horizontal rather than vertical. Another thing people tend to think when they see an xt60 is that they must shove the wire in all the way into a pool of solder. All you really need to do is solder it to the exposed part. As long as tinning and the solder quality is good, the bond should be super tight.

Step 4: Finished!

And that's it! You've now got a LiPo with a different connector! It's that simple,really. Hopefully this should help you if you're struggling to solder

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