Introduction: Soldering Tips and Tricks

This is an instructables to make everything easier.

Step 1: Tools

-You will need a soldering iron (maximum 50w) or a soldering station, the gun has a powerfull electromagnetic field and can damage some components, and you can't use it for a long period of time.

-Soldering resin is the best choice because the paste will start to corrode the steel or cooper.

-Solder for electronics

-A fixing tool for the components or boards

Step 2: Em Cooper Simple Uncover

First thing you need to do is melt some resin on the insulation of the wire, then get solder on the tip of the iron and hold it there until the insulation melts and the coper gets loaded with solder, after that clean the tip.

Step 3: EL Wire Connection

Get a wire, pull it trough resin. Bend the negative leads to the insulation ,twist the wire around the insulation making sure it touches the negative leads, solder them toghater and you will get a stronger contact.

Step 4: SMD Without Hot Air

Step 5: Perfboard to PCB

Solder the components on the bord, load the points with solder, join the poins forming little bridges, avoid heating the board too much

Step 6: PCB Repair

Melt resin in the place where the pcb is destroyed, then hold and move the iron until the insulation melts (if it doesn't start to melt sand it carefuly and try again). Taking pins from components you can make the connections.

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