Introduction: Solid GPS Mount for a Bike

This GPS mount is simple, durable, and solid as a rock. Vibration is not a problem when mountain biking, and It has never fallen out even after a couple flips. It's takes about $5 worth of material and it won't rust. Just slide the GPS unit in and it pops into place.

I wanted to go mountain biking with my GPS so I decided to build a mount myself. The first thing I did was search instructables to see what others have done. I wanted something a little more durable than what I saw so I came up with my own design.

Note: the black strips on the sides of my GPS are rubbery to give it a good grip, if your GPS isn't like this you might want to add something "grippy" to the mount to keep the GPS stuck in place.

Step 1: List of Parts

- 1/8 inch brass rod (3ft)
- 2 hose clamps

- screw driver
- rod bender

The GPS holder is made of 1/8 inch brass rod, which is available in the hardware section of any home improvement store. I chose brass because it's more ductile than aluminum, and it won't rust like steel.

The tool that makes this project work is the rod-bender. I was lucky enough to find 2-in-1 bolt-cutter / rod-bender at Walmart for about $20. A tool like this might be hard to find as it's not listed online for Walmart, Home Deport, or Lowes. For mine the brand is “Tru-PRO”; if anyone has advice on where you can find a tool like this, or any cheep rod-bender, please share.

Step 2: Bend the Brass Rod to Shape

Plan what you want the mount to look like and start bending! This part is more of an art than a science and will take some time. For mine I have 2 loops around the GPS to hold it in place and a bend at the bottom to keep it from falling out. Plan the placement of the loops to not block the screen or buttons. I made sure to use 1 continuous rod with no cuts to keep it solid and hold it's shape.

Step 3: Attach to Bike With Hose Clamps

Attach the mount to the stem of your handlebars using a couple of hose clamps. Make it tight and your mount won't be going anywhere!

Step 4: Go for a Ride, Know Your Speed, Make a Map

Pop your GPS in and go for a ride. It's great for keeping you from getting lost mountain biking, and for tracking your speed and trip distance. Check out the map I made of my local mountain biking spot. You can make a map like this with Microsoft Paint and screen shots of your GPS trail and Google maps.