Introduction: Solidworks: Circular Patterns/extrusions to Make a Rear Rotor

This is basically a tutorial on making parts in Solidworks, in particular using circular extrusions and patterns to model circular parts. Using these functions in Solidworks should help you make parts similar to what is going to be made in this instructable easier. For this example I will be demonstrating making a a car's slotted rear brake rotor. Hopefully this will be a helpful screencast for people who are new to Solidworks and want to learn some techniques for making parts in CAD. 

I suggest having a mouse with a scrolling wheel. This will allow you to zoom in and out where you mouse is pointing on the screen. I also suggest having a piece of paper that you can write notes on as you make a part. Its good to have general dimensions and geometries on paper so you can reference them while making the part (Obviously don't worry about that for this screencast, but just some general suggestions for future work).

Solidworks also includes helpful tutorials for making parts so I suggest checking those out as well.

Solidworks student edition for 2011-2012 is the version being used in this screencast. So some things may vary depending on your version.