Introduction: Solman Bar Paracord Braclet

theaes are easy braclets to make and if u haeve all the matierls its cheap to.

Step 1: What You Will Need


- two 4 foot lengths of paracord

-1 3/4 inch buckle



-tape measure


Step 2: Starting the Braclet

start by take the two end and singe the ends now put the to together form a loop put the loop into the buckle fold it over and put cord through the loop and then through other end of the buckle size it on your wrist and unbuckle.

Step 3: Tyeing the Knot

take your cord and go under the two center cords then take your other cord and go under that one. take the cord that you just went under with and go over the two center cords and then go through the loop that you made by going under the two center cords. keep tyeing till you reach the buckle.

Step 4: Finshing Off

cut the cord close to the braclet no you can trash the extra cords or make a keyfob [I have a instructable on that] singe with a lighter and you have a completed braclet.

Step 5: Hope You Like

I hope like your new paracord braclet

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