Introduction: Solving Any Size Rubik's Cube

It’s my pleasure to share my experience in solving Rubik’s cube. A journey which started some months back with a gift from my kid, has culminated in this instructions, which I hope will help every type of beginner to master any size of Rubik’s cube. I have tried to present the instructions in a general, uncomplicated form. While exploring the net for a solution, I was not able to find a simple, uncomplicated solution with adequate details to a seemingly complex problem. Hence, in this instruction, I have tried to present the underlying principles and moves in a simple way to help a beginner understand, explore, extend and use it in his/her own way to arrive at solutions.

Step 1: Piece Notations

Step 2: Move Notations

Step 3: Center Pieces

Step 4: Center Pieces Contd....

Step 5: Edge Groups

Step 6: Edge Groups Contd...

Step 7: Edge Groups Contd..

Step 8: Edge Groups Contd...

Step 9: Solving Like 3x3