Introduction: Some of My Other Egg, Utilizing All Those Years of Physics!

These are all large rhea eggs which have been cut into 1/4" concentric ovals and painted in black and silver; one is geometric and the others are just painted solid black and silver. The technique was learned many years ago by excellent teachers Sally LeVan and later Helen Cook of the UK, Scotland, and many other places in the world.
The second group of designs were also originally designed by Sally LeVan some 25 years ago when I was just a beginner, and later this concept was brought back by one of her loyal students, Carol Ganzi.
The second time around the design was called "Forever Sally" I did the artistic work by making the eggs and adding my own flair so that my duck eggs inside each recreation turn around rather than being stationary.
Balance and Counter Balance are what makes these designs work. By pulling on the appropriate crystal faceted beads, you can open the drop doors, and you can also close them.
I hope you enjoy these unique but challenging designs.
The final group of eggs in this slide show features two eggs:
One with two drawers that open and close, and there is a small jewel box at the upper most part of the egg. The blue egg is simply covered in "C"scrolls that I drew on so that they would all touch at some point. Areas that do not touch were cut away.
Then each remaining scroll was painted in multi hued light blues, sealed, and outlined with fine gold cord. An irregulat cut was made for the frong opening, a platform was installed, the inside of the egg was glittered and sealed, and the large crystal silver star burst ornament was position so that is explodes out of the front of the egg.

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