Somewhat Holiday Cactus

Introduction: Somewhat Holiday Cactus

I felt like making an ironic gift for this Christmas, or if the person I gave this to does not like it or refuses to take it because "it's a magical work of art, I cant take it"(like in the first grade art projects) I wont care because they'll have to take it anyways because it could be 3D printed again and again.

Step 1: Main Parts

First I simply started by betting all of the shapes that I fit well and look good overall like a cactus I started of with the arms, I already had a good feeling of how it would go. I uses one circle to connect both of the cylinders to create a more organic 90 degree angle and added a half circle for the top, I just copied and pasted the second arm. The main body was just a large cylinder that seemed appropriate compared to the arms(the width of).

Step 2: Arm

The arm was a 90 degree angle just because it seemed simplest. I used two cylinders, once circle for the corner so it looks smooth and the half circle for the top so it looks better than a flat top, I also had to add a hole so I could add a tree later(you can add what ever you would like for it to hold, a sword, hammer or a piece of cake).

Step 3: Hat

The hat was the part I spent the most time trying to prefect, I uses a cylinder, a ring and a paraboloid. The ring was used as the brim, the cylinder was flatted down for a flat surface that is round, I added a ring around it for a brim and a prarobaloid for the top and added a hole for space for the top of the cactus.

Step 4: Tree

The tree was the easiest I placed a triangle laded it on its side and made it smaller so it looks better along side the cactus. I realized the hole was in one arm can be used to add what ever you would like, not just a Christmas tree you can have a hammer maracas or you can make an attachment to keep your most important cables out of the cluttered ones on your desk.

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    5 years ago

    That would make an interesting gift for a white elephant party :)