Sonic Adventure 2: Space Colony ARK

Introduction: Sonic Adventure 2: Space Colony ARK

As promised, Here is Space Colony ARK from Sonic Adventure 2 And SA2 Battle.

Now you can build your very own K'nex Space Colony ARK!!
SC ARK Includes:
Firing Eclipse Cannon!
Round (ish, see NOTES for more detail) Shell!
Eyes And Extentions!

Other Models Availible Include:

SC ARK Chaos Emerald Control Panel
Http:\\ not availible yet

Here are the Requirements:

8 Bendable Orange rods
1 Bendable Purple rod
7 Yellow Rods
24 White Rods
36 Green Rods
2 Red Rods
5 Blue Rods

22 Yellow Connectors
1 Red Connector
4 Light Grey Connectors
16 Grey Connectors
7 White Connectors (9 if you dont want to use wheels for the eyes)
14 Purple 3D connectors
2 Blue 3D Connectors
4 Green Connectors
11 Orange Connectors
2 Tan Clips
1 blue clip

Mistical Knex Peices:
2 Normal Sized Wheels
13 blue Spacers
1 Rubber Band

NOTE: ARK's surface is not round but offers you a roundish surface.

Step 1: Base of ARK

In this Step, we will make the base of SC ARK.
I am really sorry about the pics being dark. it must be my camara, they look fine on it.

1. Make these peices
2. Attach Pruple 3D clips to the other ones
3. Make these
4. Make this part (looks familier, doesn't it?)
5 & 6. Attach what you have made together (see pic for more details)
7. Make these
8. Add White rods to the Blue 3D connectors
9. And add the the parts you made in Pic 7

When you are ready, we will make the floor of ARK

Step 2: Making the Floor of ARK

This is a must do bit, otherwise youre screwed if you dont.

1. Make these bits (they arent firing pins)
2. Make these bits, again (should be easy for an advance builder)
3. Make these bits, again, again
4. Add them together as shown

"hmm!, too easy for me!" says shadow

Step 3: Floor and Base of ARK Coming Together

Now to add the last two steps together

1. Umm... Put these together
2. Add eyes like so (no saying i didnt tell you how to make these, this is a challenge for, should be easy)

"'wind sounds'"

Step 4: Cannon Building

Ok, Now on to challenge Mode
Make the cannon without any notes!!!


1. Build this
2. Different Veiw

"hmmm. That wasnt so difficult" -eggman

Step 5: Cannon Holder

Now we will build the cannon holder, this gets harder now.

1. Build these
2. Build these, again
3. Add them together like shown
4. Different angle
5. Add the cannon as shown
6. Make these
7. Then put them on as shown
8. Is another veiw
9. Add blue Spacers where shown

"i should of tried a little harder"- eggman

Step 6: Building the Core

This is when we start to build the Core of SC ARK
this shouldn't be too hard.

1. Build like shown, but don't add the peice that isnt added
2. Now add the peice that wasnt before, but make sure you put a rubber band in its clip before you do
3. Build the firing pin
4. Put it through the hole
5. Just another veiw
6. Now wrap the rubber band around the white connector, but leave enough length so you can cock it, DONT PUT IT NEAR THE HOLE.

"I did it Sonic."- tails

Step 7: Build the Shell

Shell or Rock bit, there the same thing really, anyway, this part is a bit complicated.

1. Build these bits, put on one blue spacer after the grey clip
2. Add them onto the Core like shown
3. Make these, if you dont have 8 bendy oranges, you can use the blue one and a orange connector like shown.
4. Very tricky bit, now, put one beny bit onto the white rod like shown, do this with the other 3 (leave 4 out)
5. Add the Core onto the Cannon like shown.
6. Add the rest of the bendy bits like shown.

"Thatt was a little tough"- tails

Step 8: Trigger Step

Nearly finished! only 2 steps to go!
this is really an addon to the trigger

1. Get a yellow rod
2. Add on like shown

Step 9: Cannon Core + ARK Base

Now its time to add the core/shell and cannon to the base.

1. Connect the Cannon Holders yellow connectors onto the red rods
2. Then connect the green rods to the orange connectors
3 & 4. Add two grey connectors like shown
5. Connect the bendy rods to the 3D Connectors

"Too Eaisy, Peice of cake"-sonic

Step 10: Shell Top

Now for the final step!!

1. Make this.
2. I dont care how you put it on, just finish it like so!


Step 11: Finished!

Now youre finished building SC ARK!!!!

to load the cannon, pull firing pin back, push trigger in wards, and insert either 2 greens, 1 white or 1 blue, greens work best.

SC ARK Mini Is now availible on this address:

Also comming, Chaos Emerald Control Panel to this address:
http:\ not ready yet

Please comment on how my instructable is and how to make it a bit eaiser. thanks

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is how mine turned out.

    (note-The yellow rods insted of bendy orange ones.)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    i love sonic the hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Picture.jpgPicture.jpgPicture.jpgPicture.jpgfunny-hamster-pic.jpgPicture 003.jpg

    13 years ago on Introduction

    =/ my friends only liked me cause i had a dreamcast ROFL and we always played sonic for some reason


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    hmmmm...... odd. Dreamcast was worse than the gmaecube (higher proccessing capibilitys) yet everyone still went for it. I shuold know what its like, i have a GC, and seeing the DC, GC wins handsdown. btw. Did you SA2 glitch alot?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Well I didnt know a gamecube existed back then... I didn't really get any glitches for SA2..


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    thanks. Any way i could improve this at all? just want to know.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    This is just a super small gun with a block trigger covered up.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    acctuly, i ran out of ideas for how to make it fire. you try making this with a round shell and not making it have a block trigger........ it wont be easy.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    cool! nice work. it shoots, too. :P first comment